How to receive Visa

The people coming from visa countries must receive visa to enter the Russian Federation. Visa is granted in Consulate department or in Russian Consulate. It is necessary to have the invitation from the organizer registered in Department for Consular Service of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. You should fill the form F1 to get such an invitation.
Applications should be submitted via e-mail until 15.11.2005. Please, state necessarily your e-mail address or fax number to which the invitation should be sent.
After receiving the invitation you can apply for the visa to any of the Russian Embassies, General Consulates in any country which is the member Federations of FIDE.

world chess cup

A list of Embassies and Consulates of the Russian Federation that participants and guests of the World Chess Cup 2005 held in Khanty-Mansiysk can refer to

1. Argentina Buenos Aires
2. Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
3. Brazil Brasilia, Rio-de-Janeiro
4. Bulgaria Sofia
5. Canada Ottawa, Montreal
6. Chili Santiago
7. China Beijing, Shanghai
8. Cuba Havana
9. Czech Republic Prague
10. France Paris, Strasburg
11. Georgia Tbilisi
12. Germany Berlin, Bonn, Munich
13. Greece Athens
14. Great Britain London
15. Hungary Budapest
16. India Deli
17. Indonesia Jakarta
18. Iran Teheran
19. Israel Tel-Aviav
20. Morocco Rabat
21. Netherlands Hague
22. Norway Oslo
23. Poland Warsaw
24. Romania Bucharest
25. Serbia Belgrade
26. Slovakia Bratislava
27. Slovenia Ljubljana
28. Spain Madrid, Barcelona
29. Sweden Stockholm
30. Switzerland Bern
31. Peru Lima
32. Ecuador Quito
33. Australia Canberra
34. Philippines Manila
35. USA Washington, New-York
36. Vietnam Hanoi
37. Turkmenistan Ashgabat
38. Turkey Istanbul
39. Tunis Tunis
40. Estonia Tallinn
41. Croatia Zagreb
42. Mexico Mexico
43. Columbia Bogota
44. Belgium Brussel
45. Denmark Copenhagen
46. Latvia Riga
47. Egypt Cairo
48. Zambia Lusaka
49. South Africa Pretoria
50. Ukraine Odessa
51. Singapore Singapore

World Cup Undertaking and Updated Regulations

a) The 8-player World Chess Championship Tournament is established as the final stage of the World Championship cycle. The event will include the reigning World Champion, the players placed 2-4 in San Luis and 4 qualifiers from the Candidate Matches.

b) The Last Chance Super Tournament has been removed from the World Championship cycle. Instead, the Candidate Matches include 16 players: 10 qualifiers from the World Cup, 5 players by rating and GM Rustam Kasimjanov as the previous World Champion.

c) FIDE is examining the possibility of interim World Championship matches for the title of World Champion under certain conditions.

d) The structure of the prize fund for the World Cup 2005 has been slighty altered. The total amount remains the same: 1,572,000 USD.

e) Due to lack of time this year between the World Junior U20 Championship and the World Cup, the 2005 World Junior U20 Champion is seeded directly in the next World Cup of the 2007-2009 cycle.

The participants and the reserve players of the World Cup 2005 are requested to send to the FIDE Secretariat the respective Player’s Undertaking signed by the deadline of 31 October.

Released by the FIDE Secretariat
Athens, 24 October 2005

Venue – Art Centre for talented Children of the North

In the Art Centre there are four choreographic halls, a concert hall for 600 persons and small hall for 200 persons, gym (600 sq.m), library (33 thousands exemplars), art workshops (ceramic workshop, joinery, tailor shop, laser station).

Competition will take place in the Concert Hall. The Winter Hall represents magnificent spectacle. A great amount of natural flowers and ornamental fountains create an atmosphere of comfort. Glass stairs connect floor of the Hall. Solemn events such as Governor’s receptions, graduation parties etc. are held in the admirable interior of the Winter Hall.
Press-centre will be situated on the ground floor of the building, and wll have all the necessary equipment: computers, network cable for the Internet connection. On the first floor cafe is situated.

The Art Centre operates in the town for several decades. Its main aim is to keep original culture of northern peoples, folklore, to conduct expositions of amateur artists, craftsmen of ornamental art.
Since the year of 2001 the Art Centre is associated member of UNESCO schools.
Nowadays, the structure of Art Centre includes boarding school, art school, Art and Culture College, concert complex, educational and methodic office. Education is held in three departments: musical, artistic, choreographic. Pupils of the Art Centre can get the higher education in affiliates of three Institutions of Higher Education: Ural State Architectural and Artistic Academy, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Russian Music Academy named after Gnesinykh.